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Wing /Apron Combos Patriotic


What better way to cheer for our nation than a patriotic angel with five different designs available. These patriotic changeable angels have interchangeable aprons and wings so you could buy all 5 designs and change them up for each holiday like 4th of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and more. Or just buy the one set of your choice with the apron angel body.

The Changeable Angel body is $40 and the set of wing and apron is $35 each.

Start your collection today! They come with heart shaped wooden stands and are 21 inches tall!

You choose the wing and apron combination from the selection on this product page  and add the White Angel body. When you check out you can add your comment of face color of brown/or plain  and hair color of grey/brown/black.


These are the Original Country Craftworks Changeable  Angels!

Buy yours today!